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Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation

Our commercial client found mold in one of the units; Which affected him because he couldn't rent his unit.

The owner couldn't believe how quickly we were able to do the remediation. We make disasters

"Like it never even happened."

team servpro with equipment

Mold Remediation, California

Our technicians are trained and prepared to assess any damage or bio-hazard with professionalism and the best equipment.

They will prepare waste for proper disposal according to EPA, OSHA, as well as California and local health regulations

after water restoration

Water damage restoration

Before and after of a bathroom restoration. 

After the water loss, the client also started noticing a bad odor and we found bacterial growth. We finished this job in time and form and the owner was amazed by the results. 

Flooded kitchen restoration

Flooded kitchen restoration

This kitchen was left flooded after a dishwasher malfunction. We removed the cabinets and dealt immediately with the inundation to prevent mold and further damage.

Our drying equipment was left all night to ensure the kitchen was completely dry before proceeding to reinstall the cabinets and reconstruct the drywall.

Drying equipment

Drying equipment

Before proceeding to this kitchen restoration, we ensured that the floors, wood, and walls were completely dry.

Our drying equipment was left on all night and our readings proved that the job was successful.

Our client was really happy with how fast this restoration was managed.

Fire damage by microwave

Fire damage by microwave

This is the consequence of a home fire caused by a microwave.

Time is essential when dealing with fire, and even though it didn't get bigger, there was a significant amount f sot and smoke damage.

Our crew removed all of the damaged material and removed all odor from our customer's living room.

Broken water heater

Broken water heater

On a Sunday noon, we received an emergency call; a leak on the water heater resulted in brown spots in the kitchen's ceiling.

Fortunately, they put their water damage into the hands of professionals over at SERVPRO and were thrilled with the outcome.

Fireplace unattended

Fireplace unattended

This home went engulfed in flames, and once we removed all the contents, there was a lot of soot and smoke damage. After the loss, the family called our team to restore and clean this property.

Frozen pipe

Frozen pipe

Not knowing how, this family came back home, and the dining room flooded, they Called SERVPRO, and we found out that the winter storm led to a frozen pipe from the hose, and the walls got saturated in water.

Fire in the attic

Fire in the attic

A small attic fire was why we came to take care of this house roof.

This event was causing the homeowner a lot of stress, but he was relieved once he saw the results.

Flooded roof

Flooded roof

The explosion of a frozen pipe caused this roof to fall because it couldn't hold the amount of water anymore.

We don't typically have these low temperatures in Dallas, but Global warming leads us to have snow and these consequences.

COVID cleaning

COVID cleaning

It's been a battle with COVID-19, and being clean has a whole new meaning, that's why SERVPRO has its own certified cleaning program.

With more than 50 years of experience in viral pathogen cleaning, you can lay on us and have our CSC shield on your door.


ERP (Emergency Ready Plan)

Have you heard about our Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) service?

You can stay a step ahead of unexpected events  with SERVPRO's Emergency Ready Plan.

Having an ERP will help you be prepared for any size disaster in your company. Not only you'll feel safe, but you can be sure that SERVPRO will be ready to help 24/7 in case you need it.

The majority of businesses that come out stronger on the other side of an emergency are the ones that pre-planned for one.

Contact us to analyze and hear your needs for your ERP business.

Air duct cleaning

Air duct cleaning

A fire loss affects the household's air quality; in fact, the soot and ash can travel through the AC vents and get to other rooms. Our duct cleaning process meets industry standards by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. 

Clean headboard bed

Like it never ever happened!

In SERVPRO, we have the best products for those stains you can't deal with it.

This type of headboard, for example, stores a lot of dust over time, causing stains and deeply dirtying. To have better cleanliness, customers contacted us for a deep cleaning removing any residue.

If you are looking for residential services, we are your best option.

Contact us!

Living room  dirty

Deep cleaning service

"Life can get a little messy sometimes. When it does, we can help you clean it up."

This client struggled with a clean and safe environment in her home, so we helped her make a deep cleaning service.

Sometimes, you need a deeper cleaning for your home than you can do yourself. You need a professional cleaning company that can provide heavy-duty cleaning services like us.

We help take off the heavy smell of the pets, clean sealings, deep cleaning in the kitchen, odors and use our professional equipment.

Pipes exposed with flood cut

Kitchen water loss

In SERVPRO, we work so hard so you can have the best results. In this case, it was a water loss problem. Once the client changes all the plumbing, we start working with the outcome of taking all the water out and drying everything.

If you ever have this kind of situation, contact us, and we are here for help 24/7!

Backflow from bathroom drain

Backflow from bathroom drain

An unwanted water flow in the reverse direction can sometimes contaminate the potable water. For example, the toilet flush cistern and its waste came back through the shower and bathtub drain system.

Microbial growth in kitchen

Microbial growth

In this case, our client contacted us to help him with a water damage problem than ended up being also a mold issue.

We went to start managing the problem, and when er ended up taking off the dishwasher, we saw there was a broken pipe that led to a mold situation in the back.

We could fix it as quickly as possible and remediate the two issues, and our client was pleased with the results.

Mold remediation

Mold remediation

Microbial growth can be harmful and hazardous to your health; it is not easy to remove, and you can't do it by yourself because it spreads easily. That's one of the reasons why we do containment; to allow the mold to stay within and not contaminate other areas.

Crime scene

Crime scene

Blood has a particular way to be treated, porous surfaces can absorb it, and it needs to be treated by professionals. You don't need to worry; we got you! We have all the professional team and equipment required. 

Car cleaning

Car cleaning

Upholstery cleaning and deodorization were done to the roof of this car, the stains were grease and dust, but that wasn't a problem for our technicians and professional products. It smelled like food before, but now it has a bit of cinnamon scent that the customer chose.

Upholstery cleaning and deodorization

Upholstery cleaning and deodorization

Having babies and kids in the car can sometimes get messy; food, hand, footprints, and mud are the most common dirt that accumulates in a vehicle. For SERVPRO of southwest Irving, It's a pleasure to take care of you and your belongings; that's why we like to clean your car and make it look "Like it never even happened."

Carpet restoration

Carpet restoration

Brand new carpets affected by a rainstorm may not need to be thrown away. In SERVPRO, we have our water damage restoration specialists who can clean, dry, and restore after an emergency. 

Boiler area

Frozen HVAC

In this particular case, we had a client who didn't notice having a problem with water loss; the equipment he had on his house was brand new, so he didn't imagine the pipe was broken. Then, one day he noticed a tiny part of his carpet wet and didn't think it was big of a deal until he saw it worsen in such a little time; he decided to reach out to us.

We recommend you never let a little thing get bigger and bigger, especially if it's about your home or business.

SERVPRO is happy to help any time; if you have trouble with water on your property, contact us!

Our service is 24/7

We'll find the solution, fix it and make it "Like it never even happened."

3D Mapping

3D Space

Choosing SERVPRO is choosing professionals, one of our work steps is documenting and taking measurements with a 3D map. This helps us to work with the insurance and to analyze each situation.

Electric damage

Electric damage

A spark in an electrical work caused a big fire in this house late one evening; once the smoke went away and the panic settled, they could call the professionals at SERVPRO. You don't have to handle this problem on your own. We got your back and we're available 24/7!

Board Up

Make you feel safe

Part of our duty is to make you feel safe; the garage door of this house got burned, one of the windows was broken, and our team secured the property until we came to work on it. 

Car explosion

Exploded car inside garage

A loud noise was the result of this family's car that exploded in their garage. As soon as they saw the flames, they came inside and called 911. The firefighters got there within 15 min, but most of the house got burned.

Communal pipes

Communal pipes

In this picture, the case was in a building, a communal damaged pipe over the years accumulates the residue that passes through it; the duct material and the dirt can be a significant factor for these cases to happen.  The clients had no idea where the damage came from, so they called us to have a better inspection of the problem.

Trauma scene

Biohazard cleanup

SERVPRO Garden Grove West offers you the biohazard and crime and trauma scene cleanup. Biohazard situations can be hazardous because they involve biological and chemical contaminants. Our restoration process is being handled in compliance with all government, environmental and health regulations. 

Ready to Serve the Community!

Ready to Serve the Community!

Here at SERVPRO Garden Grove West Stanton, we are always ready to serve the community!  Call us now for your emergency water damage, fire damage, mold remediation & reconstruction needs!

Mold Remediation & Restoration in Lakewood, Ca, Before & After Photos

Mold Remediation & Restoration in Lakewood, Ca, Before & After Photos

Before & After Photos of a recent mold remediation and restoration project completed by our diligent team- what a difference!  Call SERVPRO Garden Grove West Stanton for all your mold remediation and restoration needs!

A recent fire restoration job for one of our local commercial clients.

Commercial Fire Restoration in Anaheim, Ca

Our team of professionals in action at a commercial fire restoration project in Anaheim, Ca.  This gas station was severely damaged by fire when our team arrived on site. We remediated the damages, and the business owner was very happy with our workmanship.

Our pleasure to serve the community, way to go team!

Roof Leak

The picture shows the loss of a commercial building from a roof leak in Los Angeles CA. SERVPRO of Garden Grove West/ Stanton did an inspection and the next day they started to work.

Heavy Rain Damage

Heavy Rain Damage

This is the effect of severe rain damage to a church in Pasadena, CA. The heavy rain caused damages to the roof. SERVPRO of Garden Grove West/ Stanton came in and remediated the damages and restored it, "Like it never happened."


Say no to Mold!

This mold was located in the Los Angeles area. Mold spreads fast and if we don't do anything about it can have a negative impact on our health.  SERVPRO of Garden Grove West/Stanton came out to the property and professionally remediated the issue.

Commercial Project at Dental Office

We can handle any job, big or small!

We take pride in knowing we can get the job done right no matter the size, big or small. We were called to handle this commercial project at a dental office.

No job is too dirty for us!

Our technicians are water certified by the IICRC and they know the difference between Category 1, 2 and 3 water. Do you know your categories? Give us a call at 1(714) 622-5096 if you have  any overflow problems, we are here to help! 

Containment Time!

Have you ever wondered what our Mold remediation process is? Wonder no more! Part of that process includes the use of different containment procedures to prevent the spread of mold.