Recent Before & After Photos

Microbial growth on the wall

It all started noticing some water right next to the fridge; our customer called a plumber who found a rusted pipe in the laundry room. He replaced the line but... READ MORE

Water loss

The property manager of this multi-unit residential complex reached out to us regarding lousy odor and mold in one of the apartment's bathrooms. When our team g... READ MORE

Hose frozen pipe

We took measurements with our water sensors to identify the floors, base board, and saturated drywalls. Next, we removed 2 feet from the wall and the insulation... READ MORE

Fire due to cooking

Since this microwave got burned, the first thing that our team did was an inventory of the things inside the cabinets to make sure that everything was left in t... READ MORE


You might think fire is a problem, but you will have water and soot to get rid of when it's gone. These two can damage surfaces directly by scorching them, and ... READ MORE

Office flooring

This office got contaminated by a sewage leak with bacteria and needed immediate response; the office manager tried to clean it by himself but then realized the... READ MORE

HVAC cleaning

We are known as clean-up, restoration, and construction leaders with over 50 years of experience. Most of our remediation services as mold and fire damage, invo... READ MORE

Kitchen repair

As soon as we went to the property, our customer asked us how long it would take to fix the problem, but unfortunately, we didn't know for sure because we could... READ MORE

Drying and dehumidification

Saturations and humidity may be invisible to the naked eye; your property may even look dry and don't have an odor, but it is there. Most buildings materials ar... READ MORE

Bio-hazard clean up in a car

We take all of our customers seriously; a collision repair company reached us for help with a car that got involved in a crime and trauma scene and got gunshot ... READ MORE