Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Hose frozen pipe

We took measurements with our water sensors to identify the floors, base board, and saturated drywalls. Next, we removed 2 feet from the wall and the insulation... READ MORE

Apartment complex

We keep growing! An apartment complex contacted us to help them with a 50 unit reconstruction and kitchen cabinets after a flood caused by an extensive rainstor... READ MORE

Rain storm

This is the 4th time the same family gets flooded because of a rainstorm; there was so much water in the alley's drain system that most of it and mud came insid... READ MORE

Humidity due to water leak

We got the call on Friday, but it all started by Monday. This apartment had a humid odor, and our customer heard a weird noise coming from his neighbor's apartm... READ MORE

Frozen pipe repair

Our clients were left out of electricity because of a storm, and it caused a frozen pipe situation which led to water damage on the property. We helped fixing t... READ MORE

There is always a proper way

There is a proper way to fix materials, and there's a reason why. For example, our customer noticed a lot of humidity and some odor in his bedroom. He told us f... READ MORE


This church is located in the Pasadena, CA area and due to the heavy rain it caused a few damages on the roof and the basement of the building. The before pictu... READ MORE