Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water loss

The property manager of this multi-unit residential complex reached out to us regarding lousy odor and mold in one of the apartment's bathrooms. When our team g... READ MORE

Leak in W.C

When our expert team got to the house, there was water on the floor, we extracted it, and we had to cut it with the walls in order to clean up and dry. The affe... READ MORE

Dishwasher leak

This is the perfect example of how a leak in just one appliance can cause damage in more than you thought. It all started with a leak in the dishwasher right ne... READ MORE

Closet restoration

Sometimes we would never think that a problem could arise inside our closet; we can have humidity, among other issues. For example, you can see a complete recon... READ MORE


On a Monday morning, this customer reported a water loss and a foul smell in his bathroom. Not knowing the cause, they decided to call SERVPRO. Inside the batht... READ MORE

Pipe Leak Trouble!

SERVPRO of Garden Grove West Stanton believes in the importance of restoring before replacing. We use highly effective equipment and IICRC trained technicians t... READ MORE